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1. Mountain Might Works at Both High Altitude and Sea-Level 

Mountain Might can be used to both pre-acclimatize to high altitude and reap the benefits of altitude training at sea-level.  Many athletes have discovered Mountain Might in preparation for monster altitude races like the Leadville 100 or Hardrock 100 and end up using it continually as a sea-level performance supplement.  This is because the physiological adaptations Mountain Might provides greatly improve your aerobic capacity.  Whether you are in the mountains or on the beach, you will feel energized and able to break through performance barriers.

2. Feel Great on Your Next Ski Vacation

You are simply not your sea-level self in the mountains and acclimatization to altitude unfortunately takes multiple weeks.  Showing up for a ski-vacation and feeling fatigued and your lungs burning for the first several days is the standard.  By the time you are feeling well enough to enjoy the mountains, your vacation is over.  Who can live like this?  Perhaps an even more tortuous prospect is signing up for a high altitude race, obsessing over an early arrival or acclimatization strategy, and then being toasted up the hills by your highlander counterpart.

Mountain Might provides the major physiological adaptations much faster than any form of altitude exposure can deliver.  You are no longer forced to show up multiple days in advance or spend thousands of dollars on altitude simulation equipment.  Now you can show up to the mountains ready to work or play and take altitude as far out of the equation as possible.  Mountain Might ingredients have also been demonstrated to enhance cognitive performance at altitude.  This ensures you not only perform well physically, but also assists in smart decisions and good reactions on the mountain terrain.

3. Mountain Might Outperforms Modern Altitude Training Techniques

(Wehrlin et al. 2006; Zebron-Lacny et al. 2008; Leelarungrayub D. et al. 2011, Levine, Stray-Gunderson, 1997; Stray-Gunderson et al., 2001)

Live high, train low has become the popular mantra among scientists.  However, this technique still has its drawbacks.  Sleeping in an altitude tent at night can disrupt sleep, reduce blood flow to muscles, and decrease the plasma volume of your blood—all of which compromise performance.  Mountain Might ingredients have been shown to not only produce comparable gains in red blood cells, but also increase V02 max and performance more significantly than the modern live high, train low paradigm.

4. Dominate the Mountains

Before you become too confident in your superior status as a “highlander”, consider a few things.  First, most people who think they live at altitude, don’t really live high enough for it to be “physiologically significant.”  According to most clinical research, living below 6,000 to 7,000 ft is unlikely to trigger any gains in red blood cell production, one of the key adaptations of altitude training.  This disqualifies the residents of most cities in the Rockies as highlanders and suggests they need an additional acclimatization boost to truly thrive at sea-level and the surrounding mountains.

Secondly, acclimatization to altitude is elevation specific.  Living at 9,000 ft will not even fully prepare your body for the challenges climbing 14ers or competing at high altitude races. What if you want to run all day long or skin to the best ski-terrain on the mountain? Everyone wants to carve those lone tracks down the greatest line in sight, but few have the know-how or energy capacity to do it.  Mountain Might’s ability to heighten acclimatization and endurance capacity can enable you to do laps up and down this enviable terrain.  No more bonking at the top from the long journey up.  Feeling stronger, faster, and more focused can only make the best part, the way down, even more enjoyable.

5. Works Rapidly and Provides Lasting Benefits
Clinical data on high altitude training indicates that 4 weeks of altitude exposure are required to adapt the body and improve performance. As an athlete with a job or family you cannot take a month out of your life to spend at a high altitude training camp. The ingredients in Mountain Might have been shown to increase red blood cell production in 4-8 days—up to 7 times faster than normal altitude training regiments.

Moreover, improvements in the ventilatory drive take effect on the first day of using Mountain Might.  After you finish a bottle of Mountain Might the direct performance benefits can also last up to two weeks.  And by training is this heightened state you can likely extend the benefits up to 6 weeks!

6. Tested on the World’s Toughest Mountain Races

Mountain Might has been widely embraced by the trail-running and high altitude ultra-running scene.  The vast number of trail and ultra marathons at altitude and the unique performance challenges of running in thin air (distance running performance is most vulnerable to altitude of any aerobic sport) have made it a staple of this scene of epic, life changing races.

7.  100% Guaranteed, Measurable, and Noticeable Benefits

Many athletic supplements seem to provide a small tweak in performance that you are never really sure isn’t just the placebo effect.  This is because most supplements have minute, clinically ineffective dosages of ingredients that have no synergistic relationships.  The ingredients in Mountain Might have been shown in numerous clinical studies to provide dramatic increases in physiological parameters, and most importantly, performance at both sea-level and high altitude.  Furthermore, Mountain Might contains a clinically effective dose of each ingredient.

We are extremely confident that Mountain Might will become your supplement of choice for both sea-level and high altitude athletic pursuits.  For this reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If your performance does not noticeably or measurably improve at either high altitude or sea level within 8 days—you have 2 months to ask for a prompt and courteous refund.

8. Developed by a World Class Altitude Training Center

Our company, Alpine Performance Labs has worked with Team USA athletes, top mountaineers and guides, Fortune 500 CEO’s, and mainstream athletic stars. Staying on the bleeding edge of exercise physiology, we have created numerous training protocols that have become adopted by coaches throughout the world.  Our expertise and access to top athletes ensured Mountain Might was tested on both weekend warriors and athletes with the most intense physical demands before we sold the first bottle.

9.  Mountain Might is Natural, Safe, and Legal

No significant harmful side effects have been reported in the hundreds of human clinical trials on the ingredients in Mountain Might at the dosages provided.  One side benefit of the product is that it restores levels of the body’s most important antioxidant, glutathione.

Mountain Might has also been physically tested and approved by the Banned Substance Control Group. Approval from this independent laboratory ensures that you will not test positive for any banned substances on the WADA, NCAA, or any other organization’s list. 

10. Unrivaled Scientific and Clinical Support 

Our research team sought the highest standards in clinical support when formulating Mountain Might.  We first established the mechanism of efficacy for each ingredient (how each ingredient works biologically). Second, we reviewed all research to ensure that each ingredient has been supported by multiple placebo-controlled studies on humans—elite athletes when possible.

The next step was establishing a dose response relationship for ingredients and their corresponding benefit.  This provides even stronger evidence by establishing a quantifiable relationship between dosages and benefits across multiple studies and assists in the details of creating the actual formula.  Most performance supplements are formulated with dosages far below what has been demonstrated to be successful in clinical trials.

We then assessed all potential ingredients for synergistic mechanisms and included only ingredients that could enhance the benefits of others.  The last step was to rigorously test our formula on elite athletes and several mountain guides.  After being put through this gauntlet, the Mountain Might formula was further refined and made ready for you.

11.  More Affordable and Practical than Hypoxic Tents

High altitude tents and chambers range in price from about $5,000 to over $100,000. After your purchase you have to be inside of it for 9 hours per day—this gets old fast. They are a pain to travel with, can cause sleep disturbances, and will likely annoy your spouse. Instead of dealing with all of that, you can simply ingest Mountain Might capsules.

12.  Improve Your Endurance and Aerobic Capacity

The high altitude training benefits provided by Mountain Might drastically improve the effectiveness of the aerobic energy system.  This system contributes the bulk of overall metabolic output in any period of sustained exercise over roughly 2 minutes.  Any athlete whose sport is “predominantly aerobic” such as distance running, will experience the largest performance boost.

Athletes in many other sports that require repeated sprint efforts such as soccer, football, and basketball will also notice considerable gains in performance, especially at the end of competition when playing hard is most important!  If you are a biometrics nerd, Mountain Might ingredients have been shown to greatly increase V02 max, time to exhaustion, aerobic power, and both cycling and running race times.

13.  Accelerate Your Recovery and Expand Training Volume 

In addition to directly improving performance in nearly all sports, Mountain Might also offers benefits that accrue over time.  For example, an increased red blood cell count enables more post-exercise oxygen delivery to muscles and increases the net nutrient capacity of the blood.  Athletes can leverage these biological advantages to both increase their training load and decrease their recovery time.  Training in such a fashion over time allows more intense and frequent workouts and thus huge accumulative performance advantages.

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