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avatar"Mountain Might has provided me with all of the benefits of altitude training without any of the limitations normally attached to it.  I have made improvements in endurance, aerobic power, and Vo2max while also experiencing improved recovery time and the ability to increase my training volume.  I have been able to experience these adaptations while training at my low elevation home without the need or cost of a high altitude training trip or hypoxic tent."

-Ryan Bak Professional Distance Runner USA Team Member --World Cross Country Championships
avatarAfter taking Mountain Might for about 5 days, I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels towards the end of workouts. I don’t think it makes me more explosive or powerful, but it allows me to sustain a workout and perform in late rounds better than I have ever in my life.

-Cody Steele Elite Boxer for Team Vision
avatarI tried Mountain Might while leading a month long trek in the San Juans Mountains. Despite a history of altitude problems, I felt stronger, more energized, and my SPO2 was never below 89% even at 14,309 ft Uncompahgre Peak. I would definitely recommend Mountain Might for prolonged active stays at high altitude.

-Griffin Weiner Outward Bound Instructor and Mountaineer
avatarAs an international mountaineer living at sea level, I know firsthand how crucial acclimatization is. By taking Mountain Might before climbing, I can prepare my body for the demands of high altitude. It allows me to climb stronger, maintain my energy, and above all,  be more focused and safer high in the mountains.

- Kyle Bingham International Mountaineer Founder of Everest Endeavor