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Sea Level Athletes

Endurance and Aerobic Performance Improvement:

  • The high altitude training benefits provided by Mountain Might drastically improve the effectiveness of the aerobic energy system
  • The aerobic energy system begins contributing significantly to total energy production after roughly 1 minute of sustained exercise
  • Thus athletes who engage in sustained exercise beyond 1 minute will notice a significant performance boost
  • In terms of performance metrics, Mountain Might ingredients have been demonstrated in clinical studies to significantly improve v02 max, time to exhaustion, aerobic power, endurance, and both cycling and running race times.

Recovery Acceleration and Training Volume Expansion:

  • Mountain Might also offers advantages to athletes that will lead to improved performance in nearly every athletic event
  • By increasing an athlete’s aerobic base, Mountain Might allows athletes to greatly increase their training volume
  • By enhancing post exercise oxygen delivery to muscles, the primary mechanism of muscle recovery, athletes can also recover more quickly from high intensity workouts
  • Athletes can thus leverage accelerated recovery and training volume expansion to reach more ambitious performance goals in less time

Austin Berry PictureBeing a professional athlete I am always trying to find the competitive edge over the other team. Mountain Might offers me the ability to reap the benefits of high altitude training in a busy schedule that makes it tough to spend the right amount of time in high altitude. Mountain Might has increased my overall endurance and helps me to feel fresh at the end of games when the intensity is at its highest.

-Austin Berry
Defender for Chicago Fire
MLS Rookie of the Year 2012