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Mountain Might Provides the Biological Adaptations of Altitude Training and Acclimatization


What are the biological benefits of high altitude training?

  • Raise Red Blood Cells and Hemoglobin
  • Increase Lung Ventilation
  • Generation of Oxidative Enzymes
  • Improve Muscle Buffering Capacity
  • Increased Cardiac Output

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Review the Science Behind Mountain Might

Why do the world’s elite athletes use high altitude training?

  • Athletes such as gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps, NFL tight-end Jimmy Graham, and many more train use altitude training to gain an edge on the competition
  • By adapting their bodies to high altitude, they become more efficient at absorbing and utilizing oxygen during competitions at sea-level
  • These adaptations not only improve performance, but also enable athletes to intensify their training regiments and better tolerate extreme altitudes

Why is high altitude training impractical for most athletes?

  • Clinical data suggests that athletes should spend 3-4 weeks within an altitude window of 6,000 to 9000 ft to improve performance
  • After returning to sea-level performance benefits last only 2-3 weeks
  • Most athletes cannot stay months at a time in remote high altitude training camps or spend thousands of dollars on high altitude chambers
  • For these reasons, high altitude training has been restricted to elite and professional athletes

How does Mountain Might replace high altitude training?

  • Due to a scientific discovery about blood oxygen detection, the body’s hypoxic (high altitude) response system can now be activated in normoxic (sea-level) conditions via supplementation of natural compounds.
  • This discovery allows athletes achieve the benefits of high altitude training while remaining at sea level by taking Mountain Might.
  • Furthermore, the ingredients in Mountain Might have been shown to provide altitude training benefits in as quickly as 4 days—7 times faster than altitude training!

Austin Berry PictureBeing a professional athlete I am always trying to find the competitive edge over the other team. Mountain Might offers me the ability to reap the benefits of high altitude training in a busy schedule that makes it tough to spend the right amount of time in high altitude. Mountain Might has increased my overall endurance and helps me to feel fresh at the end of games when the intensity is at its highest.

-Austin Berry
Defender for Chicago Fire MLS Rookie of the Year 2012

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