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Mountain Athlete Benefits

Pre-Acclimatization and High Altitude Performance:

  • An athlete’s v02 max and endurance decline significantly upon acute high altitude exposure
  • Acclimatization, the most effective way to counteract high altitude performance reductions, is unfortunately a month long process
  • By activating the hypoxic response system in sea level oxygen conditions, Mountain Might allows athletes to arrive at a high altitude race or arena pre-acclimatized
  • The ingredients in Mountain Might also heighten acclimatization to a given altitude, allowing the body the perform work as though they are at a lower elevation

Extreme Altitude Tolerance and HAPE Resistance:

  • The hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) is the body’s principal mechanism of acclimatization when ascending extreme altitudes above 10,000 feet.
  • Data from Operation Everest II demonstrates that the HVR is the most vital component of tolerating extreme altitudes.
  • Studies on the genetics of high altitude performance have also linked a weak HVR with high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE).
  • N-Actetylcysteine, an active ingredient in Mountain Might, has been shown to significantly enhance the HVR.
  • High altitude mountaineers can thus supplement with Mountain Might to maximize their chances of successful summits and potentially reduce their risk of developing HAPE.

Counteract Age-related and Genetic Barriers to Acclimatization:

  • Results from altitude training and acclimatization studies suggest that there is a significant portion of people who undergo highly limited, often unnoticeable altitude adaptation.
  • These athletes will be turned from the final push at Everest regardless of their physical fitness and determination and are more likely to suffer from acute mountain sickness AMS.
  • This poor adaptive response to high altitude has been linked to genetic and age-related factors that inhibit the detection of low blood oxygen.
  • By improving the sensitivity of blood oxygen detection in the body, Mountain Might may help athletes with poor adaptive responses tolerate and perform work more effectively at high altitude.

Jeff Evans PictureI have been guiding clients on big mountains around the globe for over 20 years now and one of the most common questions I am I asked prior to departure is “How do I train for altitude?”

Now that I have experienced the Mountain Might supplement, I have an additional training tool to recommend for my clients.

With my experience in medicine as a Physician Assistant, I have always been interested in the effects of high altitude on human physiology, so of course I was initially skeptical of an over the counter product that could help with the acclimatization process. I had to personally put it to the test…and I was blown away with the results. While taking Mountain Might on a recent expedition over 19,000 ft, I felt like an invisible Sherpa was pushing me up the mountain. Not only did I feel stronger while climbing at increasingly higher elevations, I also felt energized throughout the day and slept more soundly at night.

Going forward I am now recommending all of my clients follow my lead in supplementing their pre trip training with Mountain Might. I am confident that I will see results in my personal performance, the performance of my clients as well as overall participant satisfaction on all of our MountainVision Expedition adventures.

-Jeff Evans
Owner/Operator of MountainVision Inc
Physicians Assistant
Everest Summiteer 2001