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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know Mountain Might works?

Mountain Might was engineered by a research team with years of experience in high altitude training, sports nutrition, mountain guiding, and nutriceutical formulation.  This formulation process lasted multiple years and involved the consultation of world-leading altitude physicians and exercise physiologists.  The scientific evidence supporting Mountain Might’s effectiveness has been documented, analyzed, and made available to interested customers in our scientific review.

Mountain Might contains effective dosages of every active ingredient.  These ingredients have been reviewed in multiple clinical studies and confirmed to provide the respective benefits of high altitude training.

Just one active ingredient in Mountain Might, has been shown by clinical studies to increase EPO by 26%, hemoglobin by 9%, red blood cell concentration by 9%, inhalation pressure by 14%, V02 max by 7%, and time to exhaustion by 23.8%.  Another has been shown to increase V02 max, cardiac ouput, and muscle buffering capacity at sea-level as well as oxygen delivery and cognitive performance at altitude!  These performance and hematological improvements are more significant than those reported in nearly every altitude training study.

How long will it take for me to notice the benefits of Mountain Might and how will I “experience” them?

Clinical studies show that all the active ingredients in Mountain Might will take effect within the first day of supplementation.  Maximal improvements in red blood cell production comparable to those of a highly successful 4 week altitude training regiment has been shown to take 8 days.

Sea level athletes will notice improved breathing power, increased speed, higher levels of energy and endurance, and reduced recovery time between workouts.  A commonly reported benefit is the ability to find an extra gear while staying at a tempo pace.

Mountain Athletes will notice reduced feelings of shortness of breath, increased speed and endurance, higher energy levels, reduced recovery time, the ability to train harder at higher altitudes, and resistance to the negative symptoms of high altitude.

Does Mountain Might provide all of the benefits of altitude training and acclimatization?

The ingredients in Mountain Might have been demonstrated by clinical studies to collectively provide all of the clinically validated benefits altitude training.  These include increased oxygen carrying capacity (hemoglobin and RBC increases), strengthened ventilatory drive, improved hemoglobin oxygen delivery, increased cardiac output, and elevated muscle-buffering capacity.

Various other benefits have been purported by coaches and experts including increased muscle capillarity and higher levels of mitochondria.  The majority of clinical evidence however discredits these benefits.  A detailed description of this topic is available in our Scientific Review.  Most importantly, Mountain Might ingredients have been shown to demonstrated more significant gains in actual athletic performance than even the modern live high, train low altitude training technique.

How long do the benefits of Mountain Might last?  What happens when I stop taking Mountain Might? 

Mountain Might users will experience performance benefits as long as they continue to ingest the product as well as for an extended period in between supplementation phases.  Elevated red blood cell concentrations typically last roughly 2 weeks post cessation.  Our clients report that the benefits of Mountain Might several weeks after they cease daily consumption.  This can be achieved by training in the heightened physiological state and thus achieving even larger results.

How should I take Mountain Might?

If you are a sea level athlete take 4 Mountain Might capsules per day.  We recommend breaking the 4 -capsule regiment into 2 daily doses of 2 capsules.  This dosage should be ingested daily for the first week and 4-5 times per week following the initial loading period.

Mountain athletes should follow the same dosing schedule as sea level athletes.  For optimal altitude tolerance and performance you should begin your Mountain Might regiment one week prior to race or arrival.

How do I know Mountain Might is safe? Does Mountain Might have any side effects? 

The ingredients in Mountain Might have been examined in over 1,000 clinical studies and have no significant harmful side effects at the dosage provided.  The only adverse reaction reported is stomach upset.  Mountain Might can be consumed with meals to prevent rare occurrences of stomach irritation. It is always recommended to check with your doctor before trying any type of nutritional supplement.

Can I use Mountain Might if drug-tested for competitive sports?

Our company has gone to great lengths to ensure that professional, Olympic, and NCAA athletes can use Mountain Might without any concern about testing positive for banned substances.

Mountain Might contains no ingredients listed as banned substances by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG).  The BSCG list includes all banned substances of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Football League (NFL), and many other professional and amateur sports leagues.

Mountain Might  has been chemically tested for banned substances by the BSCG.  This leading authority and banned substance testing has officially certified Mountain Might as drug free and legal for athletes.

What if I already live at high altitude?  Can I use Mountain Might with altitude training?

Mountain Might not only provides the benefits of altitude training to sea-level athletes, but also heightens altitude acclimatization.  This benefit enhances the benefits of altitude training for athletes at altitude as well as allowing altitude residents to increase extreme altitude tolerance.  Acclimatization is elevation specific, meaning acclimatization to a given altitude only confers partial acclimatization to a higher altitude.

There is also a lot of evidence that moderate altitudes below 6,000 ft may not be sufficient in triggering the adaptations that lead to improved performance.  Places such as Denver, CO or Boulder, CO are thus unlikely to have provided significant red blood cell production or acclimatization to begin with.

What does clinically effective dosage mean?

A clinically effective dosage is the amount of a given ingredient that has been demonstrated in clinical studies to bring about a given biological or performance improvement.  Some performance supplements contain inadequate dosages of their active ingredients to increase profitability of unit sales (supplement raw materials are the major cost driver in this industry).

The best way to determine whether or not a supplement will be effective is to simply Google “ingredient name” along with “performance” and/or “study”.  Then look at the dosages used in positive studies and compare them to that of a given supplement.

What do you mean by saying Mountain Might ingredients are “synergistic?” 

Two of the major ingredients in Mountain Might, NAC and sodium phosphate have synergistic effects.  This means that the performance benefits each ingredient provides amplify each other so that they have a stronger effect than could be measured by adding the benefits together.

NAC strengthens ventilation and results in new blood cell production, which both assist in the increased production of 2,3 DPG.  This is because new RBC’s contain higher levels of 2,3 DPG, and strengthened ventilation also increases 2,3 DPG synthesis.  Conversely, sodium phosphate improves the oxygen delivery of the increased hemoglobin induced by NAC by directly increasing levels of 2,3 DPG.  Sodium phosphate has also been shown to increase red blood cell concentrations, though the mechanism remains unclear.

Hawthorne berry powder and sodium phosphate also work synergistically to both maximize cardiac output during sea-level exercise and reduce the unfavorable cardiovascular responses to altitude.  By reducing peripheral vasoconstriction, minimizing oxidative stress, and increasing high-energy phosphate availability a synergistic performance benefit is achieved.

Where can I see the clinical evidence supporting Mountain Might?

In order to reduce website clutter, we have not provided the full list of references to clinical studies on our web pages.  All the clinical evidence behind out product has been provided in the Scientific Review document available for download at the bottom of the How It Works page.  Having references and citations throughout website text unfortunately makes it really boring to read.

If you wish to discuss the research feel free to access our research department by phone @ 1-888-908-9885.