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Your Brain on Altitude

Your Aptitude Not Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude! 

Its a brilliant headline, I know.  But it didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to think of because my brain is currently operating on a large 6 gram dose of ... read more ›

Acclimatization and Performance Stunting Supplements?


Ever since we began formulating Mountain Might, we have become extremely interested in performance supplements.  They are not only beneficial for improving performance and reaching fitness goals, but ... read more ›

EPO and Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure: How to Defy Trends in Clinical Data


Photo by Sarah Ackerman

Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure: How to Defy Trends in Clinical Data

This post is both a comprehensive analysis of ... read more ›

Apnea Training, Splenic Growth, YOUR Inner Dolphin (Part 1)

Free-Divers: The New Personal Trainers


For those of you who are unaware of the growing popularity of apnea training among endurance athletes, here is a brief summary of the ... read more ›

The High Altitude Super Powers of Mountain Might Man


High Altitude

Mountain Might Man was genetically engineered to thrive at high altitude.  He is a methodically constructed amalgam of spiced genes taken from humans and animals that were evolved to thrive in ... read more ›