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About Us

Alpine Performance Labs

Alpine Performance Laboratories LLC is a Colorado based network of researchers, altitude medicine specialists, mountaineers, elite athletes, and nutraceutical engineers. Our company was founded in 2010 as an athletic training and altitude research center in Denver, CO. In our early days we could be helping a climber break a Colorado 14er ascent record, working with professional athletes and special forces officers another, and devising new nutritional supplement formulations the next.

After a few years of developing altitude-training programs for the world’s elite athletes we conceived of the idea to make this privileged athletic trend available to the everyday weekend warrior. We wanted people to be able to gain the athletic edge of the world’s elite from anywhere on earth and feel powerful and healthy while enjoying their mountain pursuits. It quickly became clear that the easiest way to hurdle to financial, geographical, and logistical demands of altitude training was to engineer a performance supplement. After years of researching, consulting with altitude and exercise physiologists, formulating, and testing on athletes of numerous type and caliber, Mountain Might was born.

Though we do less direct work with clients, we continue to be on the cutting edge of athletic training and take on clients under special circumstances.

Research and Formulation Standards

We hold our company and products to a highest standard in the athletic training and endurance supplement industries. All of our training products and programs are comprehensibly tested on elite athletes and approved before they are released. For example, The Scientific Review of Mountain Might contains an unprecedented amount of clinical research and scientific analysis compared any other existing endurance product.

Mountain Might contains a clinically effective amount of every active ingredient and was formulated from a vast body of research on not only humans, but elite athletes. Each ingredient was then confirmed to have a dose response relationship with the benefits it provides by assessing the quantified results of numerous studies. This process both ensures efficacy and correct dosage. The ingredients in Mountain Might also have a synergistic relationship that amplifies individual benefits.

We formulated the product to have a shelf-life of over 3 years and sought the highest level of banned substance protection by certifying and physically testing the product with the Banned Substance Control Group. Such standards as well as our commitment to innovation have made us a trusted source for the endurance and mountain athlete community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the limits of human athletic performance by providing the highest level of service and product quality to our customers. We regularly provide free nutritional guidance and ascent consultations for our customers. We have helped numerous athletes complete huge mountain feats including finishing the Leadville 100 for the first time, climbing up the seven highest summits on each continent, and reaching the professional level in endurance sports. Our passion is to share our knowledge and help our clients thrive in chasing whatever athletic pursuit or adventure to which they set their mind!

Company Contacts

Marketing Director and Research Coordinator Jason Keck serves as the voice box of our team. He coordinates research among scientists and oversees athlete testing on all training products and programs. Jason can be reached via email at