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Blog Archives — March, 2013

Diamox: The Performance Killer

Why you should never take Diamox while altitude training:

Each year doctors write thousands of prescriptions for Acetazolamide (Diamox) to athletes looking to try out altitude training or accelerate acclimatization for a high altitude competition.

The logic is seemingly valid: “Well Diamox ... read more ›

4 Principles to Avoid Overtraining at High Altitude


9:00 pm: you get to Boulder, Colorado excited try out one of the most intriguing athletic trends.

6:00 am: You wake up and jog up to a Boulder Canyon ... read more ›

3 Breathing Tricks for Thriving in Thin Air

Read this post to learn how to increase N02 in lungs, open up alveoli, increase air pressure in lungs, and hyperoxygenate your body

Any mountaineer or skiing tourist is aware of the powerfully negative effects that high altitude can have on ... read more ›

High Altitude Tour: Spectrum of Performance and Impairment

A Tour of Altitude and Its Effects on the Human Body


1,900 ft (580 m) –Lowest reported altitude-induced v02 max reduction of 7%


5,250 ft (1600 m) - Altitude at which v02 max decreases by 8-11% in un-acclimatized athletes.