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Mountain Might is used everyday by thousands of people, including weekend warriors, adventurers, elite endurance athletes, ski-tourists, and exercise physiologists.

Mountain Might Altitude Training

The Best Athletes in the World Train at Altitude

Altitude training is the fastest growing fitness trend among professional athletes. Mountaineers and top endurance athletes have been training for years in thin air to boost their performance by physiologically adapting their bodies to high altitude. According to coaching legend Dr. Joe Vigil, 95% of all medalists in Olympic endurance events since 1968 reaped the benefits of this elite trend. But there’s more.

Altitude has also made its way into the training regiments of mainstream athletic stars. Professional basketball players, tennis champions, and football legends are spending thousands, often hundreds of thousands of dollars on altitude training to gain the edge on competition. We spent years tailoring altitude training programs for these stars and are aware of the geographic, financial, and logistical hurdles that make it impossible for most people.

Leveling Mountains

Mountain Might is a powerful alternative that allows you to reap the major benefits of high altitude training anywhere in the world—by taking a capsule supplement! You no longer need to spend thousands of your hard earned dollars on altitude simulation equipment or take weeks off of work to acclimatize for a mountain vacation or competition. And the best is yet to come.

Mountain Might also delivers the major physiological adaptations of altitude training up to 7 times faster. Modern techniques used by elite athletes require roughly 4 weeks to bring about improvements in red blood cell production and performance. The ingredients in Mountain Might have been shown in numerous clinical trials to accomplish this in 4-8 days. Other performance benefits also kick in almost immediately after taking Mountain Might.

The Mountain Sea-Level Duality

Mountain Might Beach Duality
Mountain Might is the premiere performance supplement for both sea-level and high altitude performance. Our formula was designed to make you feel on top of the world whether you are tackling the Ironman Hawaii or climbing your way up Colorado’s highest peaks. Enjoy that amazing view without letting the journey take your breath away. Harness the power of the mountain air and gain the edge of the world’s top athletes by trying Mountain Might today!

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What Do Professional Athletes, Mountain Guides, Top Endurance Coaches, and Others Say About Mountain Might?

Austin Berry PictureBeing a professional athlete I am always trying to find the competitive edge over the other team. Mountain Might offers me the ability to reap the benefits of high altitude training in a busy schedule that makes it tough to spend the right amount of time in high altitude. Mountain Might has increased my overall endurance and helps me to feel fresh at the end of games when the intensity is at its highest.

-Austin Berry
Defender for Chicago Fire MLS Rookie of the Year 2012

Jeff Evans PictureI have been guiding clients on big mountains around the globe for over 20 years now and one of the most common questions I am I asked prior to departure is “How do I train for altitude?” Now that I have experienced the Mountain Might supplement, I have an additional training tool to recommend for my clients. With my experience in medicine as a Physician Assistant, I have always been interested in the effects of high altitude on human physiology. While taking Mountain Might on a recent expedition over 19,000 ft, I felt like an invisible Sherpa was pushing me up the mountain. Not only did I feel stronger while climbing at increasingly higher elevations, I also felt energized throughout the day and slept more soundly at night. Going forward I am now recommending all of my clients follow my lead in supplementing their pre trip training with Mountain Might. I am confident that I will see results in my personal performance, the performance of my clients as well as overall participant satisfaction on all of our MountainVision Expedition adventures.

-Jeff Evans
Certified Physicians Assistant
Everest Summiteer 2001
Famous Leader of Expedition Impossible

Ryan Bak Altitude TrainingMountain Might has provided me with all of the benefits of altitude training without any of the limitations normally attached to it. I have made improvements in endurance, aerobic power, and Vo2max while also experiencing improved recovery time and the ability to increase my training volume. Awesome product!

-Ryan Bak
Team USA Professional Distance Runner

Austin Berry PictureAs a high-altitude endurance athlete, I understand the vital role acclimatization as well as the weakening effects high altitude can stress the body. I found Mountain Might to be an impressive supplementary tool that allowed me to receive the physiological benefits of high-altitude training during preparation for a Denali (Mt. McKinley) expedition in 2013. There is no doubt in my mind that Mountain Might played a major part before and during this expedition. It certainly is a product I intend to continue using on all of my upcoming mountaineering projects!

-Caroline Moore
Mount Denali Summiteer 2013

Austin Berry PictureWhile I started using Mountain Might for altitude acclimatization I found it’s benefits extended far beyond. It allowed to me significantly increase my performance at lower elevations and dramatically helped my overall well-being mentally. I still continue to take 4 pills per day as a general supplement to support both my training and daily life.

-Mark Kreuzer – Ultrarunner
Athlete at

Dave Stark PictureAll I can say is…….. WOW! On event day I felt as though I was running back at home (well almost) while I could see others who had recently come from sea level suffering along the trail, out of breath, stopping frequently to rest. At altitudes approaching 9000 feet, it was still tough going, but my lungs were not burning and I felt pretty darn good. Several friends who were out there that day complained of dizziness, shortness of breath and stomach upset. I felt none of those symptoms and have no doubt that Mountain Might played a key role in my success that day. I truly feel that Mountain Might has a place in my pack whenever I’m headed for events at altitude, be it to run trails or my other passion, XC ski racing. Thanks for making the product, the science and the experience available to the sporting public.

-Dave Stark – USA Triathlon and Cycling Coach
Dreamcaster Fitness

Take your training to new heights!

Mountain Might physiologically adapts the body to altitude in the following ways:

  1. 1. Increased levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin
    • Higher blood oxygen carrying capacity not only directly increases your V02 max and performance, but it also shuttles more nutrients into and lactic acid out of muscles during exercise.
  2. 2. Strengthened ventilatory drive
    • A higher rate and depth of breathing drives more oxygen into your blood allowing you to better tolerate high altitude and maintain performance longer during intense exercise at sea-level.
  3. 3. Elevated 2,3 DPG production
    • Having higher levels of this enzyme in your blood and muscles increases the rate of oxygen unloading to tissues and enhances your aerobic capacity.
  4. 4. Increased muscle buffering capacity
    • Train harder with less hydrogen ion build up that leads to “the burn.”
  5. 5. Increased cardiac output
    • You gain a significant boost to your aerobic capacity and endurance, by increasing the largest component of your V02 max

Mountain Might Ingredients Outperform Modern Altitude Training Techniques

(Wehrlin et al. 2006; Zebron-Lacny et al. 2008; Leelarungrayub D. et al. 2011, Levine, Stray-Gunderson, 1997; Stray-Gunderson et al., 2001)

Live high, train low has become the popular mantra among scientists and athletic coaching lore. However, this technique still has its drawbacks. Sleeping in an altitude tent at night can disrupt sleep, reduce blood flow to muscles, and decrease the plasma volume of your blood—all of which compromise performance. Mountain Might ingredients have been shown to not only produce larger gains in red blood cells without these drawbacks, but also increase V02 max and performance more significantly than the modern live high, train low paradigm.

Mountain Might is Certified Drug Free by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG)
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