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Mountain Might Provides the Benefits of High Altitude Training to Athletes

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What are the biological benefits of high altitude training?


  1. 1. Increased levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  2. 2. Strengthened lung ventilation
  3. 3. Improved muscle buffering power
  4. 4. Synthesis of 2,3 diglycerophosphate (2,3 DPG)
  5. 5. Increased Cardiac Output


Reason #1—Improves Performance More Significantly than Altitude Training.


(Wehrlin et al. 2006; Zebron-Lacny et al. 2008; Leelarungrayub D. et al. 2011, Levine, Stray-Gunderson, 1997; Stray-Gunderson et al., 2001)

By isolating the benefits of altitude training and eliminating its adverse performance effects, Mountain Might supplementation will outperform the most advanced high altitude training techniques.

Reason #2—Guaranteed Measurable Improvements in 8 days

Based on the wealth of clinical support, testing on professional athletes, and incredibly positive customer feedback we offer this guarantee:

If your performance does not measurably improve after 8 days, we will send you a check for your money back!

Reason #3—Works as Quickly as 4 days!

Clinical data on high altitude training indicates that 4 weeks of altitude exposure are required to adapt the body and improve performance. As an athlete with a job or family you cannot take a month out of your life to spend at a high altitude training camp. Taking Mountain Might will provide all the benefits as quickly as 4 days—7 times faster!

Reason #4—Developed by a World Leading Altitude Training Laboratory

Our company, Alpine Performance Labs began as research based altitude-training center that worked with elite and professional athletes. We earned a worldwide reputation for our Volume Reduction Protocol as well as our incorporation of intermittent heat and hypoxic exposure for training. Our team also pioneered an innovative method for rapidly tailoring training protocols to the individual physiology of our athletes. The formulation of Mountain Might originated from a research project to discover alternative and minimalist approaches to high altitude training.

Reason #5—Pre-Acclimatize for High Altitude Treks and Competitions

By naturally activating your hypoxic response system, Mountain Might actually adapts your body to high altitude while at sea level. You can now arrive at your high altitude competition, mountaineering trek, or vacation destination acclimatized. You will be able to race faster, sleep more soundly, and feel better because the hematological, pulmonary, and enzymatic adaptations have already occurred.

Reason #6—Unrivaled Scientific and Clinical Support

Our research team sought the highest standards in clinical support when formulating Mountain Might. Warning this is about to get nerdy!

We first established the mechanism of efficacy for each ingredient (how each ingredient works biologically). Second, we reviewed all research to ensure that each ingredient has been supported by multiple placebo-controlled studies on humans—elite athletes when possible.

The next step was establishing a dose response relationship for ingredients and their corresponding benefit (this provides even stronger evidence by establishing a quantifiable relationship between dosages and benefits across multiple studies). We then assessed all potential ingredients for synergistic mechanisms. During this process we identified that N-acetylcysteine and sodium phosphate combine to maximize 2,3 diglycerophosphate synthesis, and enhance both the production and delivery potential of hemoglobin. Finally, we combined clinically effective dosages of every ingredient into the Mountain Might formula and tested it on our network of elite and professional athletes. A detailed review of this process is available via the scientific review link on the How it Works Page.

Reason #7—Mountain Might is Natural, Safe, and Legal

Mountain Might is 100% safe and you can be absolutely sure not to expect any negative side effects. One side benefit of the product is that it restores levels of the body’s most important antioxidant, glutathione.

Mountain Might has also been physically tested and approved by the Banned Substance Control Group. Approval from this independent laboratory ensures that you will not test positive for any banned substances on the WADA, NCAA, or any other organization’s list.

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Reason #8—More Affordable and Practical than Hypoxic Tents

High altitude tents and chambers range in price from about $5,000 to over $100,000. After your purchase you have to be inside of it for 9 hours per day—this gets old fast. They are a pain to travel with, can cause sleep disturbances, will likely annoy your spouse, and can reduce your explosive power even if you live high and train low. Instead of dealing with all of that, you can simply ingest Mountain Might capsules.

Reason #9—Strengthens and Protects Lungs

Mountain Might is the only sport supplement that offers the ability to actually strengthen the power of your breathing. This advantage not only improves performance during exhaustive exercise, but also helps protects your lungs from the effects of high altitude.

Results from the famous Operation Everest and Tibetan native studies show that the hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) is the limiting factor in performance at high altitude as well as a preventative factor for a deadly condition known as high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE). By enhancing your HVR Mountain Might will prevent the onset of shortness of breath and may lower your risk of developing HAPE.

Austin Berry PictureBeing a professional athlete I am always trying to find the competitive edge over the other team. Mountain Might offers me the ability to reap the benefits of high altitude training in a busy schedule that makes it tough to spend the right amount of time in high altitude. Mountain Might has increased my overall endurance and helps me to feel fresh at the end of games when the intensity is at its highest.

-Austin Berry
Defender for Chicago Fire MLS Rookie of the Year 2012

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